Summer Academic Guidelines for the Academic Year


  • If you have not yet had an internship or research experience, get it in before it's too late! It's extremely important to your future career and academic paths to get out-of-classroom experience. If you have not yet had any of these experiences, don't put it off any longer, NOW is the time!!! Begin your internship search with the Career Center. Begin your research search with your faculty advisor, department Director of Undergraduate Studies, or any faculty member you have a great relationship with.
  • Make sure to review your Junior Clearance feedback in Degree Audit Communicator (by August). It is critical that you read the feedback thoroughly. It will tell you the specific requirements that you have left to complete in order to graduate. YOU are responsible for completing all graduation requirements. Your participation in the Commencement Graduation Ceremony may be hindered should you not complete or follow up on Junior Clearance feedback.