How to Register for a French Class

BOTH PLACEMENT TESTS I and II ARE MANDATORY for all students who have not taken a previous language class at JHU.

This exam is available online year-round; for the most accurate placement recommendation, take it just before the semester you actually plan to study the language. This multiple-choice exam is individualized (self-adjusting to the student’s level) and is not timed. It covers grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading skills.

If you want to register for a French class, print these instructions NOW so that you can refer to them later:


Take this test first only if you have had less than 6 years of French courses and if do not have extensive background in the language. After taking the test, register on SIS for the appropriate course level as indicated by the score that appears at the end of the test ONLY (see below). Any placement in a course that does not fit accordingly with your score will not be accepted. You will asked to bring your test results on the first day of class.

  • A score that is below 29        places you in Elements I        (210.101)
  • A score between 30 and 49   places you in Learner Managed Elements (210.103)
  • A score between 50 and 64   places you in Elements II       (210.102)
  • A score between 65 and 89   places you in Intermediate I  (210.201)
  • A score between 90 and 94   places you in Intermediate II (210.202)
  • If your score is 95 and above, you must take PLACEMENT TEST II

If you have had 6 or more years of French courses, extensive background in the language, or a score above 95 on Placement test I, take Placement Test II. After taking the test, you must notify professor Kristin Cook-Gailloud at to be informed of your final score and placement. Students may not register for a course until they receive this notification.

Questions regarding the test or your score should be sent to Professor Kristin Cook-Gailloud at

Johns Hopkins University believes strongly that every member of its community should hold the highest standard of integrity for their work and avoid academic dishonesty. As an incoming freshman, you are expected to behave in an ethical manner as you begin your Hopkins career while taking the online French, German, or Spanish placement test.
You must take this test without receiving assistance from anyone else and without the help of any document (no notes, no book, no dictionary). You are allowed to take this test ONLY ONCE. Reproduction of the material on this test is a violation of ethical standards. Therefore, you should not discuss the questions on these tests with others nor may you provide others with the questions on these tests.
By accepting the following statements, you may begin the online placement test:

  • I will do my own work on this test. I will not receive assistance from another person nor from books or other documents.
  • I will not discuss this test with others or reproduce test questions in any format.
  • I will take this test online only once.

PLACEMENT TEST I:    Accept and go to PLACEMENT TEST I on  and click on the link 

PLACEMENT TEST II:   Accept and go to PLACEMENT TEST II on  and click on the link