Chemistry Placement

For many of our science, engineering, and pre-med students, selecting a Chemistry course in fall semester can be a difficult decision. The flow charts below may be helpful in selecting the appropriate course enrollments for your first year.

General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Course Name and Numbers:

  • AS.030.101 Introductory Chemistry I
  • AS.030.105 Introductory Chemistry Lab I
  • AS.030.102 Introductory Chemistry II
  • AS.030.106 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II
  • AS.030.103 Applied Chemical Equilibrium and Reactivity w/lab
  • AS.030.107 Chemical Principles w/lab: An Integrated Studio Course
  • AS.030.115 Project based Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
  • AS.030.112 Chemistry with Problem Solving I
  • AS.030.113 Chemistry with Problem Solving II
  • AS.030.205 Organic Chemistry I
  • AS.030.206 Organic Chemistry II
  • AS.030.225 Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab
  • AS.030.227 Chemical Chirality: An Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab

For additional questions or for individualized assistance, please contact your academic advisor either by phone or email.