Natural Sciences Area

Major only

The natural sciences major is flexible, yet structured enough to provide the fundamental training in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology necessary for advanced study. The natural sciences include biology, biophysics, chemistry, earth sciences, oceanography, physics, and some aspects of geography, along with environmental engineering. Within a broad framework of science, mathematics, and humanities requirements, students can plan their own programs.


Sample First Semester Schedule
  • The student designs their own program
  • Calculus I
  • Introductory Chemistry I and Lab (if pre-med) or Physics I and Lab
  • Start on requirements by taking N, Q, H and S courses
  • Total 12-17 credits

Career Exploration

Skill Set

The “real world” skills you’ll develop with a major in Natural Sciences Area:

  • Operating scientific equipment
  • Applying biological theories
  • Designing experiments and recording results
  • Applying scientific concepts to problems
  • Reasoning logically to evaluate the effects of phenomena
  • Attention to detail
  • Reporting results and conclusions orally and in writing

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