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Linguistics is the science devoted to the study of human languages, their internal structure, the differences among them, their evolution in history, and how humans acquire them, both in childhood and as adults. The main subdomains within linguistics are Syntax, Phonology, Phonetics, Morphology and Semantics. In addition, there are different varieties of linguistics distinguished by the specific data that they target and/or the specific methods they employ. Among these are Theoretical Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Socio-linguistics; Psycholinguistics; and Neuro-linguistics.

Highlights of the Hopkins Program

The Department of Cognitive Science conducts leading-edge research in linguistics and provides extensive graduate and undergraduate training in this field. Courses cover all major areas of theoretical linguistics: Syntax, Phonology/Phonetics, Morphology and Semantics, as well as Psycholinguistics, language acquisition and some computational and historical linguistics. The linguistics minor provides a good basis for entering graduate programs in linguistics and related areas, as well as for pursuing other language-related work.


Suggested First Semester Course(s)
  • A lower-level linguistics or cognitive science course
  • Appropriate level of foreign language study

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