Foreign Language Placement Exams


Students interested in Arabic placement should contact:

Sana Jafire (


The placement test is intended for students who have studied Chinese in the past and want to start at a higher level (other than 1st year Chinese). It is not for students who want to start from 1st year Chinese (you may enroll directly in AS.373.115).

The placement test consists of two parts: the online multiple choice via Blackboard and the follow-up interview. Students need to complete the online part (available in mid-August) prior to the follow-up interview which is given during the Center for Language Education's Open House at Orientation from 1:00 - 3:30 pm on the 5th floor of Krieger Hall.

To access the online placement test:

  1. Go to and login. If you are a JHU student, use the ‘JHU Enterprise Authentication’ link (left side) and login with your JHED ID and password. If you are not a JHU student, use the ‘Non-JHED login’ link (right side) to login with a guest account.
    Note: Please contact Aiguo Chen ( if you need a guest account.

  2. Once inside Blackboard, click the following link to be added to the Chinese Placement Test site:

  3. Return to Blackboard and locate the My Organizations module on the Community tab at the top of the screen. (You may have to refresh the page.) Click the link for the Chinese Placement Test.

  4. Click the ‘Placement Test’ link in the menu (upper left) to access the test.



Students interested in French placement can get more information by clicking here.


Students interested in German placement can get more information by clicking here.


If you have no previous work in Hebrew, take First Year Hebrew (384.115). If you have had previous work in modern Hebrew, consult Dr. Zvi Cohen ( in the Center for Language Education. If you had previous work in Biblical Hebrew, consult Dr. Ted Lewis or Dr. Kyle McCarter in Near Eastern Studies.


For more information, contact Professor Uma Saini.


Students interested in Italian placement can get more information by clicking here.


The Japanese Language Placement Exam will be given during the first class meeting. Questions may be directed to Dr. Yuki Johnson (


For more information, please contact Professor Soo Yun Lee (


At this time, register for the course you think is most appropriate. Go to class on the first day for more placement information. You may contact Dr. Matthew Roller with questions.


Final placement in all Portuguese language courses will be determined by a placement exam to be taken during the first week of the semester. Contact the director of the Portuguese Language Program, Flavia Azeredo-Cerqueria, for details.


If you have had previous work in Russian, register for the course you think most appropriate. Reassignment will be made, if necessary, on the first day of classes. If you completed more than two years of high school Russian, register for Intensive Intermediate Russian (377.135).

Questions may be directed to Dr. Olya Samilenko (


Students interested in Spanish placement can get more information by clicking here.