Spring Academic Guidelines for the Academic Year

Spring (February/March)

  • Complete Junior Clearance in early March! It is critical that you review your degree audit with both your major and minor faculty advisors and apply to graduate.
  • Clearance, you should know if summer courses may be needed. Check the JHU Summer website to see if what you need is offered at Hopkins, or to transfer courses from another university, download the Permission to Transfer Credit Form form and follow the instructions.
  • Plans after Graduation. It’s imperative to start thinking about or making plans for after graduation. If you’re thinking about your possible career paths, stop by the Career Center. If you’re thinking about medical school/law school options, stop by the Office of Pre-Professional Advising to discuss your plans. Thinking about graduate school, be sure to talk to faculty in the field you want o pursue graduate studies! If you have no clue about anything after graduation – visit the Career Center.