International Studies

Major only

International Studies is a multi-disciplinary approach that seeks to understand why events occur the way they do throughout the world and their impact on peace and stability. The goal for students of international studies is both to develop an understanding of international political questions and to think critically about the economic, historical, and cultural dimensions of various countries, cultures, and conflicts.

Highlights of the Hopkins Program

At Johns Hopkins, International Studies is the largest major in the Krieger School with a focus in the disciplines of political science, economics, history and foreign language. The rationale for this course of study is that international events are best understood by employing several approaches. Our students pursue a wide range of careers including government service, international investment, law, and business.


Sample First Semester Schedule

** Review approved courses at**

  • Elements of Macroeconomics, 180.101
  • Appropriate level of foreign language
  • Contemporary International Politics or Issues in International Development or a 100/200 level APPROVED political science course.
  • An APPROVED history course
  • Consider an elective N, Q, E, or H course to begin distribution requirements
  • Total 12-17 credits

Career Exploration

Skill Set

The “real world” skills you’ll develop with a major in International Studies:

  • Communicating diplomatically
  • Seeing the world from the perspective of other individuals and other cultures
  • Analyzing situations from multiple viewpoints
  • Synthesizing themes from complex issues
  • Comparing and contrasting ideas and information

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