Freshmen Advising Registration Preparation List

STOP! If you have not yet watched the SIS Registration Tutorial Video, watch it now! Then proceed to Step #1.
  1. Complete the Freshman Advising Profile by June 26th URGENT!
    1. Gather materials & complete Freshman Advising Profile
  2. Begin Preparation for Registration START NOW!
    1. Read the First-Year Academic Guide sent in June mailing (pdf)
    2. Review the online Freshman FAQs
    3. Find out how to contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions
  3. Take a placement exam by June 26th ONLY if you are enrolling this Fall in a math course and/or French, Spanish, German, or Italian.
    Chinese placement exam will be available in mid August. For other languages, please review
  4. Select your classes (mid-June). If you do not know your AP scores yet, make your best guess as to your possible scores and go ahead and register.
    1. Understand your exam credit and/or transfer credit
    2. Review the Majors/Minors Advising Page for course suggestions for your first semester
    3. Browse through course descriptions and Fall 2017 classes
    4. Read the “Freshman Scheduling Tips
    5. Add courses to “My Cart” in SIS.
  5. Register for classes (Starts July 6th- 7:00 AM Eastern Time)
    1. Using what you learned in steps 1-4, access your account and register for classes
  6. Relax & wait to receive course schedule feedback from your Advisor via your JHU email account!.