Freshman Seminars and Interesting Courses for Fall 2015

Freshman Seminars

Take a Freshman Seminar! Many departments sponsor courses exclusively for freshmen.  These courses are small and will give you a chance to continue study in a field you enjoy, or perhaps introduce you to a subject you’ve not yet explored. 

Interesting Courses

We've also assembled a list of additional courses to check out. These courses will be exciting opportunities that we recommend to incoming students, they vary by topic, size and format. Look at our attached list to see the course titles and numbers, then go to the ISIS Course Schedule to see their detailed descriptions. (NOTE: Some may have enrollment restrictions, so read descriptions carefully.)

Department Course Number Course Title
Anthropology AS.070.132 Invitation to Anthropology
AS.070.139 Markets and Morals
AS.070.241 African Cities
Biology AS.020.115 Bioenergetics
AS.020.135 Project Lab:  Phage Hunting
AS.020.243 Proteins, Genetics and Human Diseases
Biophysics AS.250.205 Introduction to Computing
Center for Africana Studies AS.362.111 Introduction to African-American Studies
AS.362.223 Survey of African-Amercian Literature
Classics AS.040.221 Art and Archaeology of Early Greece
English AS.060.127 Muslim Science Fiction
AS.060.213 The Novel and Globalization
AS.060.231 Novels into Film
History of Art AS.010.110 Art of the Islamic World
AS.010.236 Palaces, Temples and Tombs in Mesopotamia
History of Science AS.140.165 Enlightenment Science Through Brilliant Books
Humanities Center AS.300.139 Introduction to Intellectual History
AS.300.143 Introduction to Comparative Literature
AS.300.305 Islamic Philosophy
Interdepartmental AS.360.133 Great Books
AS.360.247 Introduction to Social Policy:  Baltimore and Beyond
Medicine, Science, & Humanities AS.145.101 Death & Dying in Art, Literature, and Philosophy:  Intro to Medical Humanities
Music AS.376.242 Introduction to Popular Music
Near Eastern Studies AS.130.102 From the Neanderthals to the Neolithic
AS.130.110 Introduction to Archaeology
AS.130.177 World Prehistory
AS.130.203 Archaeology of Africa: From Human Origins to the Emergence of Civilizations
Physics AS.171.131 Physics and Technology in Society
Program in Museums & Society AS.389.201 Introduction to the Museum:  Past and Present
Public Health Studies AS.280.100 Public Health in Film and Media
Study of Women, Gender & Society AS.363.201 Introduction to the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Theatre Arts & Studies AS.225.100 Introduction to Theatre
Writing Seminars AS.220.206 Writing About Science
AS.220.210 Introduction to Non-Fiction:  Science as a Social Activity