Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to Hopkins! We’re glad that you have joined the Blue Jay family. The Office of Academic Advising is here to support you in your academic pursuit and assist you during your transition to life at Hopkins.

In early June, you will receive an important mailing from our office. The information that we are sending will answer many of your questions and assist you with course registration. With all of the information you will be receiving this summer, we know that it can be overwhelming. For this reason, we have provided The Freshman Advising Registration Preparation List to help guide you through completion of all necessary steps for registration.

**Note to Incoming Class of 2021: Website appearance, information and materials are subject to change**

Freshmen Registration Preparation List (abridged version)

STOP! If you have not yet watched the SIS Registration Tutorial Video, watch it now! Then proceed to Step #1 of the Freshman Registration Preparation List.
  1. Complete the Freshman Advising Profile
  2. Begin Preparation for Registration
  3. Take appropriate Math/ Language placement exams
  4. Select your classes
  5. Register for classes
  6. Relax & wait to receive feedback from your Advisor