Film and Media Studies

Major and Minor

The study of film and media fosters critical understanding and historical knowledge of film and other forms of the moving image, as well as their relationship to culture, society, and the arts. Approaching film and media as enduring art forms, as artifacts of social and cultural import, and as vital means of creative expression, majors explore this most crucial component of how we see our world.

Highlights of the Hopkins Program

The Film and Media Studies Program offers courses in film and media history and theory, film production, and screenwriting. Working closely with faculty and other students, majors gain a comprehensive understanding of film and media as both subjects for study and as creative texts; many graduating majors pursue advanced degrees in film, filmmaking, or screenwriting, as well as careers within the film and television industries. Beyond a small core faculty, the program draws on faculty from a wide range of other disciplines, among them English, German, History, The Humanities Center, Philosophy, Romance Languages, and The Writing Seminars.



Sample First Semester Schedule
  • Introduction to Cinema, 061.140
  • Expository Writing or Great Books, 360.133
  • Begin a foreign language at the appropriate level
  • Consider a course to explore other fields in the Humanities
  • Elective course for distribution (S, N, Q, E)
  • Total 12-17 credits

Career Exploration

Skill Set

The “real world” skills you’ll develop with a major in Film and Media Studies:

  • Creating entertaining and persuasive messages
  • Working both independently and in teams or small groups
  • Creating powerful images with sight, sound, motion, and words
  • Reporting and editing skills

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