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FAQs: Registration

Registering for Classes:

How do I register for music lessons?
Performance courses at the Peabody Conservatory may either be as part of a grade and credit, or may be audited. Graded performance courses will receive 1 credit per semester unless taken for a double degree program. With the approval of a student’s teacher, performances that are audited may appear on a student’s academic record. If you would like to register for a music course click here for more information.

How do I decide which math course is right for me?
Math placement is based on a number of criteria that ranges from a student’s high school math courses, AP/IB calculus test results, and scores from the University’s online math placement tests. Please refer to the following website for a complete explanation of math placement: http://www.mathematics.jhu.edu/new/undergrad/advising_placement.htm.

How do I take a course through the Academic Cooperative Program?
Undergraduates may take one course per semester at one of the several area colleges and universities that comprise the Academic Cooperative Program. Only courses that are not offered at the Homewood campus may be taken through the cooperative program. Students register in person at the Homewood Registrar's Office by submitting an Academic Cooperative Program Cross-Registration form. KSAS students must obtain approval signatures from the Office of Academic Advising for all cooperative school courses.

How do I register for a summer course elsewhere?
Please review information about transfer credits at:


How do I register for a course at the School of Public Health?
To register for a course at the School of Public Health, KSAS students must submit an "Interdivisional Registration" form. As this is a complex matter, students should inquire in the Office of Academic Advising for more information. Public Health Majors must meet with their public health advisor to obtain permission for courses at the School of Public Health.

How do I register for a permission required course?
Some courses require permission from the professor teaching the course. In this case the student should meet with the professor to gain written permission on an add/drop form. These forms can be obtained through the Registrar's Office.

Other Registration Concerns:

How do I get a credit overload and what are the credit limits?
The credit limit for KSAS Freshmen is 17 and Upperclassmen 18.5. After the previous semester grades are posted, if you have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, you may request a course overload through the Office of Academic Advising. Further details are available in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.

How do I get into a class that is full?
  • If a course has multiple sections, check ALL sections for seat availability. A different section may still have openings.
  • If a course is truly full, add yourself to the "waitlist." The waitlist system will notify the first person on the waitlist when a space becomes available. There is a 24-hour period for the student to log into ISIS and add the course. Therefore, if you place yourself on the waitlist for a course, it is vital that you monitor your JHU email daily. If a space becomes available and you do NOT add the course within the 24-hour period, you will be dropped from the waitlist and the next waitlisted student will be offered the space.
  • During the first two weeks of the semester, another option for enrolling in a closed course is to seek permission from an instructor. A student may obtain written permission on an add/drop form, from the course instructor and submit the form to the Registrar’s Office.

How does the waitlist function actually work in ISIS?
Review the Office of the Registrar's waitlist instructions at http://www.jhu.edu/registrar/ImportantNotices/Undergrad/Waitlist Instructions.pdf

What are the deadlines for adding and dropping a course?
  • Function
  • Deadline
  • Registration
  • Approval

Add a Class

End of the 2nd Week


No approval needed

Drop a Class

End of the 6th Week

Online/In Person

No approval needed; Must keep at least 12 credits

Withdraw from a Class

End of the 8th Week

In Person

Must have permission from the Office of Academic Advising

Summer School Deadlines
Summer session deadlines are printed on the Summer at JHU homepage at: http://www.jhu.edu/summer/