Exceptions to Academic Policy

Exceptions to academic policies are granted only when circumstances exceed a student's control.

Ignorance or forgetting details of policy do not warrant an exception or waiver of policy.

Academic policies are documented in the Academic Catalog, which is available on-line: http://e-catalog.jhu.edu/undergrad-students/academic-policies/.

To request an exception to academic policy, please e-mail your request to Dean James Fry, jamesfry@jhu.edu. Your request requires information in the following format:

  1. Subject Field: "Request for Exception"
  2. Full name
  3. Hopkins ID (assigned by JHU- not your Social Security number)
  4. JHED ID (your first initial, last name and a number)
  5. Year of Study (freshman, etc.)
  6. Cell phone number
  7. Major(s)/ minor(s)
  8. The relevant policy (e.g. add deadline, withdrawal deadline, change to S/U grading, etc.)
  9. Course number/s and class instructor/s, if relevant
  10. Semester and year request pertains to (Fall 2008), not the date of your request
  11. Explanation of events or conditions prompting this request.

You must fully explain why this exception is deserved. Provide a detailed narrative of events, a description of a serious medical condition (including documentation), or an explanation of other conditions which prevented compliance with academic policy.

Note: Dean Fry must consider whether granting your petition would set an equitable and reasonable precedent for other students. Is it fair to grant you an exception if/when other students must follow policy? If not, the conferral of an exception is unlikely.

Dean Fry will review your request, contact you and/or faculty for additional information or verification if necessary, and inform you by e-mail of his decision.