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English is the study of literary texts from various time periods and parts of the world. It also includes the study of the social and political norms and climates in which the texts were written, as well as their implications both in the past and the present. Students read and study novels, poems, essays, and short fiction from specific time periods or along specific themes, and draw connections and comparisons between texts, authors, themes, and contexts.

Highlights of the Hopkins Program

A synopsis of the department’s distinctions starts with the renowned faculty. Every profes­sor—no matter how distinguished, no matter how many books he or she has written—teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. And they teach primarily in small seminars, so undergraduates get the best of what a research university has to offer while getting the kind of personal attention ordinarily possible only at a small liberal arts college. Courses provide both the core of a liberal arts education and the basis for the advanced study of literature. They range from historical surveys and introductory courses in critical method to advanced courses and seminars in particular periods, authors, genres, and literary issues.


Sample First Semester Schedule
  • 060.107 Intro to Literary Study or 200-level English course
  • Introductory courses in the humanities or social sciences, e.g., Great Books, Philosophic Classics, History of Occidental Civilization: The Medieval World, Introduction to American Politics, or Contemporary International Politics
  • Foreign Language
  • Consider an elective S, N, Q, or E course to begin distribution requirements
  • Total 12-17 credits

Career Exploration

Skill Set

The “real world” skills you’ll develop with a major in English:

  • Reading and writing with care and thought
  • Generating ideas, images, games and metaphors
  • Applying close reading and interpretation
  • Shaping general ideas into specific points and programs
  • Writing and editing documents

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