Degree Requirements For Students Who Entered Fall 2013 and Earlier

Undergraduates in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences must complete the following requirements to earn your degree from Johns Hopkins University.

  • University Requirements and Writing Intensive Courses
    • 120 total credits completed
    • 60 credits taken in residence at Johns Hopkins. 
    • 4 semesters at Johns Hopkins.  Two of the last 4 semesters must be in residence at JHU including the final semester prior to graduation
    • 12 credits of writing intensive coursework
    • No more than 18 D or D+ credits
    • No more than 4 Carey Business School and School of Education courses
    • C average or better in your major requirements
    • No more than 12 transfer credits*

    • * Transfer Students can bring in a maxium of 60 credits at the time of transfer.

  • Distribution Requirements: Please refer to your online Degree Audit to review distribution requirements for your major.

  • Major and/or Minor requirements: Information resource sheets may be reviewed online for Major or Minor requirements if your program of study is undeclared. Otherwise, please use Degree Audit to review your requirements for your delcared majors and minors.

You may review your progress towards all degree requirements by using Degree Audit, a web based information system linked to SIS. Degree Audit is intended to give you and your advisor(s) an accurate account of your progress towards degree completion. Please note that if you have not declared any intended major or minor, you should declare the major/minor now so that your customized Degree Audit includes all programs of study for before junior clearance. You may find a helpful user guide for Degree Audit on our website at: